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A paper in Nature (‘People systematically overlook subtractive changes’) reports on experiments which show how people find it more obvious to solve problems by adding things than by removing them. Video version (could have been shorter.)

So, in short, 5 good things:

  1. Sally Coulthard on sheep in folklore. (Why ‘black sheep’? for instance) (via Anne Galloway)

  2. Anne Ward’s beautiful book about the seaside.

  3. This is #verysamsung

  4. Catherynne M. Valente writes more than you thought you needed about why Ted Lasso is great.

  5. The New Yorker on vibes:

    "Many vibes don’t have specific names, but some do. Saudade, the Portuguese word for a bittersweet longing, could count as a vibe. So, too, could the Japanese iki, an attitude of casually disinterested elegance, or the German fernweh, the longing to be somewhere far away, evoked by distant vistas or unknown forests. (Hygge, the Danish quality of contented coziness, is a vibe that has been wholly commercialized in the United States.)"

    I see you all doing iki.


    (There are 676 of you. 676 is the country code for Tonga. The sea level around Tonga is rising about half a cm a year. Well above the global average.)