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The shortest month. I’ll keep this brief.

Postlight shared Pleasant Internet Things. What a good idea. Not least because happiness is contagious.

Here are more:

  1. Great curating: “graphic design related items” from the internet archive, drawings of UFOs from the national archives, Stanford’s collection of dataviz.

  2. An acapella group doing Windows OS sounds. I could watch this forever.

  3. You know how Norway is very forward thinking about electric cars? Loads of electric cars in Norway. Did you know it’s because of A-ha? (Sort of.)

  4. And Tom’s right - this’ll make you tear up. It’s just people seeing the moon, but they’re so happy to see it.

  5. And there’s this: a dancer vs an hydraulic press.

(There are 648 of you. 648 Pippa is a minor planet. And I’m intrigued to find that there is a 648th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade. I could do with having my maneuvers enhanced.)

Pleasant internet!