Short one this month

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The best month. I will never not be cheered at the prospect of not going back to school or university.

  1. Buried inside a BBC documentary about Liverpool FC winning the Premier League was a little comment from former Liverpool manager Gérard Houllier:

    Leadership is a transfer of emotion.

    The most useful thought about leadership I’ve heard, maybe, ever.

  2. This is just so fantastically done. If I tell you what it is it’ll put a lot of you off. So just go look, please.

  3. Optimism! Proof that Moral suasion works. People can be prevailed upon to moderate public intolerance and incivility - by robots!

    “A simple appeal, a reminder of our better natures, had an effect.”

    (WARNING: Also contains more depressing findings.)

  4. Truth on twitter :

    It blew my mind when someone said, “Stop thinking about this year as the warmest for the last 100 years, but the coolest one for the next 100.”

  5. Joy on twitter:

(There are 617 of you. The RAF’s 617 Squadron - ‘The Dam Busters’ - practised in Derbyshire.)

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